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  • Description

    The FORTWHITE 8030 LO is used as a titanium extender (TiO2) that allows paint manufacturers to reduce titanium (TiO2) levels in the formulation, providing savings in the final cost of the product. FORTWHITE 8030 LO is an opaque and hollow copolymer that its binder function in low PVC significantly increases ink gloss and ink coverage without altering product performance. The FORTWHITE 8030 LO can be used in paints of exterior and interior applications, because it is a hydrophobic product. FORTWHITE 8030 LO – because it is an opaque copolymer – turns out to be the least water-sensitive ink film, thus improving its water resistance capacity.

  • Composition

    Opaque acrylic copolymer in aqueous dispersion free of plasticizers and ammonia.

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