The Oswaldo Cruz Química Group is one of the largest groups in the chemical sector in Latin America.

Consisting of 21 companies operating in various segments of the chemical industry, the Group attends to different customer profiles and markets, offering expertise and technology in the provision of supplies and products to the world.

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The world challanges, we create! We see
opportunities where no one sees.
This is our inspiration and purpose.

Our purpose was built over a long history of growth, based on creativity, attitude and the desire to contribute to the transformation our planet future.

In Oswaldo Cruz Química and OCQ Group, we have 7 values that guide us and are the foundation for the development of people and ou business:

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    Owner attitude

    We act daily, with ethics and always committed to the growth of the organization.

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    Passion to Perform

    We are tireless in achieving and delivering on our goals and those of our business partners.

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    We take care of our relationships

    We take care that all our employees, suppliers and customers develop together with the organization.

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    Operational Excellence

    We add value to our products and services through new technologies and process excellence.

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    We make simple and agile decisions, anticipating and creating trends in the market.

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    We seek and encourage all employees to see the new and find solutions to problems and opportunities.

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    We share knowledge, we are accessible and we put collective interests above individual interests or areas.

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