Commitment to
sustainable development

OCQ integrates sustainability at all levels of its value chain, ensuring the balance of environmental, social and economic aspects.

Reducing environmental and social impacts on the chemical sector is a challenge and OCQ reinforces its responsibility to reduce them and ensures that the circular economy is part of your day-to-day, from the manufacturing process to the development and improvement of solutions with reusable materials, thus contributing to a promising future.

  • OCQ


    Reduction of energy consumption, reuse and recycling of solid waste, reduction of packaging, and biodegradable products.

  • OCQ


    Low emission of contaminants in production and logistics, reduction of incineration, products with low odor, Zero COV, ammonia-free and solvent-free.

  • OCQ


    Risk management system, formaldehyde-free products and toxic compounds.

  • OCQ


    Reuse and reduction of water consumption in the processes of manufacture, treatment and reduction of waste water, APEO-free products, ammonia-free and water-based emulsions.


Associated with ABIQUIM and
the guidelines of the Responsible
Performance Program.



Oswaldo Cruz Química seeks the continuous improvement of its quality management system in order to increase customer satisfaction, committed to establishing the objectives for its indicators and in order to achieve the profitability of the organization, meeting the applicable requirements and customer requirements.

It involves the departments of the organization, through the competence and training of its employees, to ensure that the products are delivered as requested, within the agreed deadlines and with the technical support requested.
R05- Mar/31st/2017


  • OCQ

    ISO 9001 certified quality
    management system

  • OCQ

    Associated with ABIQUIM
    and all its guidelines, such
    as the Responsible Action Program

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