• Description

    The Fortsperce 1000 – T is a dispersant of high efficiency in the dispersion and grinding of pigments and fillers used in the real estate latex paint industry. At the same time, it improves the degree of distribution of pigments and fillers and the stability of manufactured paints. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to use approximately 0.3% of Fortsperce 1000 – T (solid) on the sum of loads and pigments, combined with a tensoactive to facilitate their entry into the pasture, as well as reduce the time required to reach the desired grinding degree. We also recommend that during the grazing the pH is maintained around 9.0, because in this area the efficiency of the Fortsperce 1000 – T is maximum.

    To determine the the optimal quantity of Fortsperce 1000 – T, which presents maximum efficiency in brightness, storage stability and grinding degree, prior tests should be performed. The reason for this recommendation is that in the manufacture of aqueous real estate paints, numerous factors such as specific surface of the various pigments and fillers, interaction with dispersion and other additives, may intervene and in all of our previous tests, it is not possible to predict all these factors. To develop the study of the dispersion of fillers and pigments with Fortsperce 1000 – T, Oswaldo Cruz Química has a technical application laboratory available to our customers.

  • Composition

    Aqueous solution of poly-carboxylic acid sodium salt.

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