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  • Description

    FORTPINE T is a natural solvent obtained from the distillation of gum resin, especially indicated for the following applications:

    • General Purpose Solvent – FORTPINE T has excellent solvation power for commonly used organic products, polymers and resins, as well as good product dispersion and viscosity;Adhesives – Widely used in the adhesives segment, due to their adhesiveness and high compatibility with the main polymers used in the segment such as EVA, NR, IR, SBR, BR, SIS etc.;
    • Manufacture of pine oil – FORTPINE T derivatives have excellent bactericidal power, being widely used in disinfectants, in addition to promoting the cleaning odor of pine. It also has applications in the pharmaceutical industry as a vehicle and in perfumery as a vehicle and precursor to fragrances;Paints – Used as sticky additive, drying agent and fluidity reducer.
    • Manufacture of terpene resins – These are ultra-compatibility, high adhesiveness and thermal resistance resins. Its coloring tends to be transparent.

    For the development of formulations/application processes based on FORTPINE T, please contact the technical department of Oswaldo Cruz Química.

    Technical Properties
    Density at 20ºC – 0,855 – 0,875
    Acidity: Máx. 2
    Moisture: Máx 0,5
    Beta Pinene: Mín 30
    Total bicycles: Mín 80

  • Packaging

    Bulk and Drum of 180 kg (200 liters).

  • Composition

    FORTPINE T is the natural liquid fraction obtained from the distillation of resin gum extracted from Pinus.

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