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  • Description

    FORTPINE M125 has a high softening point and thermal resistance. It specially formulated for various applications:
    • Paints – acts as an adhesion promoter and pigment disperser. In thermoplastic paints it also acts as thermal protector, cohesive agent to substrates, disperser for pigments and fillers. It has high chemical resistance and is excellent for industrial paints.
    • Varnishes – It has excellent compatibility with aliphatic and aromatic solvents, presents excellent resistance to water which favors its use in systems for protection of wood and surfaces in general.

    For the development of formulations/application processes based on FORTPINE M125, please contact the technical department of Oswaldo Cruz Química.

    Technical Properties
    Softening point: 125 – 140
    Acidity: 30 – 42
    Gardner Color: Máx. i9

  • Packaging

    • Paper or polyethylene bags weighing 25 kg.
    • Big bag with 500 or 600 kg
  • Composition

    FORTPINE M125 is a rosin derivative modified with maleic anhydride and esterified with glycerol. It has a high softening point and thermal resistance.

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