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  • Description

    FORTPINE G95 has high adhesiveness and thermal resistance while maintaining low coloration during its application. It has been specially formulated for several applications:

    • Depilatory waxes – as tackficant for adhesion to the hair to be removed, being free from the inconvenience of crystallization and with high thermal resistance.
    • Adhesives – as a tackficant widely used in the adhesives segment, due to its adhesiveness and high compatibility with the main polymers used in the segment such as EVA, NR, IR, SBR, BR, SIS etc. Being the most common adhesives for gluing mattresses, shoe soles, furniture gluing, adhesive tapes etc. It has high thermal resistance.
    • Paints – acts as an adhesion promoter and pigment disperser. In thermoplastic paints it also acts as a melting point reducer of thermoplastic paint. It has good resistance to yellowing.

    For the development of formulations/application processes based on FORTPINE G95, please contact the technical department of Oswaldo Cruz Química.

    Technical Properties
    Softening point: 95 – 102
    Acidity: Máx. 15
    Gardner Color: Máx. 4

  • Packaging

    • Paper or polyethylene bags weighing 25 kg
    • Big bag with 500 or 600 kg and bulk.
  • Composition

    FORTPINE G95 is a derivative of pitch esterified with glycerol.

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