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  • Description

    A Fortcryl 6045 is primarily used as a binder in the manufacture of latex paints, textured, grafitos and spackle. Recently the development of polymer dispersions for the production of latex paints, textured and spellings based on synthetic resins, was directed for various reasons, to the use of binders of medium hardness. The main reason for this is due to the request of coatings less sensitive to dirt, with greater connecting power for pigments and fillers, and a good resistance to blockage.

    It is fully compatible with our associative thickeners, for latex paint formulations, we recommend the use of Fortcryl 1940 and Fortcryl 1960. For development of latex paints the basis of our products, necessary supports and suggestion of formulas, adaptation of local raw materials, and application and evaluation process, please consult our technical department.


  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic copolymer – styrenated in aqueous dispersion.

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