• Description

    Fortcryl 8500 is a product recommended especially for agglomeration of leather fibers (also called chrome or tannin tanned leather scrapings) in the manufacture of reconstituted leather. Reconstituted leather plates made with Fortcryl 8500 have a relatively soft touch with good tensile, tear and double bending strength. Good with most other anionic and non-ionic dispersions of the Oswaldo Cruz line. Good also with acrylic thickeners and associative acrylic thickeners of the market. In this case we recommend testing before use. Good compatibility with most dyes/pigments dispersed in water, on the market. We also recommend testing before use. For the development of formulations / application processes of reconstituted leather (Lefas), please contact the technical department of Oswaldo Cruz Química.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic-vinyl copolymer in aqueous dispersion.

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