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  • Description

    Fortcryl 8320 is recommended for the production of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) of excellent properties such as adhesiveness, tack and shear. Self-adhesive manufactured with Fortcryl 8320 is water resistant and develops good suiting in rigid PVC, polyester and polystyrene films. For the manufacture of self-adhesives with polyethylene and polypropylene films without “primer” it is recommended before treating them with CORONA. For Fortcryl 8320 application we recommend all the general processes known as “roto gravure”, “reverse gravure”, “reverse roll”, “vario gravure” etc. For some applications
    such as “reverse roll”, for example, viscosity can be adjusted if necessary with thickeners of type Fortcryl 1940 or Fortcryl 1960, adjusting the pH to ca 9.0 with ammonia diluted in water. The Fortcryl 8320 is a ready-to-use product. However, depending on the application process or the conditions of the silicone paper and poly-olefinic film, small amounts of wetting or antifoam may be required. We recommend testing before use. We also recommend using small amounts of preservative (mainly bactericidal) if the adhesive manufactured from the base of the Fortcryl 8320 is to be prepared long before use. The film of this self-adhesive is fully transparent and not yellow even after long after applied. Excellent resistance to heat and U.V. This property makes it specially modified for the manufacture of labels of the “NO LABEL LOOK” type. In the development of self-adhesives “PSA” based on Fortcryl 8320, prior tests should be done, as its compatibility with other components of the recipe and interaction with other materials such as tackifiers, wetting and antifoaming etc., is influenced by many conditions that are impossible for us to predict, even with our experience. Its compatibility is good with most other anionic and non-ionic dispersions of the Oswaldo Cruz line. The film of the resulting mixture, however, almost always becomes blurry. Good also with the usual market tenses normally used to facilitate application, however, we recommend testing before use, as foaming may occur. If necessary to use defoamer during application, we also recommend testing before use, as “fish eyes” may occur if it is not ideal for or even if used in quantities above recommended. For the development of formulations/application processes based on Fortcryl 8320, please contact the technical department of Oswaldo Cruz Química.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic copolymer in aqueous dispersion free of plasticizers and solvents.

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