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  • Description

    FORTCRYL 6112 is primarily used as a binder in the manufacture of latex paints textured, graffiti spackling. With its innovative cross-link system, this ligand has excellent water resistance, promoting excellent washability in formulated real estate paints with it. It is a medium hardness binder, enabling the formulation of less sensitive to dirt, with greater connecting power to the pigments and fillers, and a good resistance to blockage. The higher hardness of the binder presupposes, usually for polymers in aqueous dispersion, a higher temperature film formation. As a result, in so that one can ensure the application of products formulated on the basis of these dispersions, of polymers of high hardness even at lower temperatures, it is necessary to use auxiliaries
    FORTCRYL 6112 contains film-only aids, i.e. contains coalescing. In any case, in each formulation of paints or textures using FORTCRYL 6112 as a binder, the most appropriate film aid should be sought, depending on the only the amount of the binder of the latex paints, but also the temperature and humidity
    the air where the paint will be applied. The amount of film aid used depends on the effectiveness of the film aid, in the case of pigmented systems also of pigments and fillers.
    For latex and textured paints produced with FORTCRYL 6112, it is worth the empirical rule that the addition of filmogens aid should be 8% to 10% on the solids of the resin in relation to total revenue. In all formulations, however, it is advisable to check the minimum film-forming temperature of the finished product to be able to in this way ensure their proper behavior in the application. Its influence on wet abrasion resistance should also be considered.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in barrels and drums internally protected with polyethylene bags or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic copolymer – styrenated in aqueous dispersion.

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