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  • Description

    Fortcryl 6110 is mainly used as a binder in the manufacture of latex paints, textured, spelling and spackling. With its innovative system of emulators, this binder has excellent ability to bind pigments, promoting excellent reactivity in the presence of associative acrylic thickeners in alkaline medium, such as real estate paint formulations. FORTCRYL 6110 is fully compatible with our associative thickeners, and due to its good reactivity, requires a relatively low consumption of thickeners in formulations. For latex paint formulations, we recommend using Fortcryl 1940 and Fortcryl 1960. It is a medium hardness binder, enabling the formulation of coatings less sensitive to dirt, with higher ligating power for pigments and fillers, and a good resistance to blockage. The higher hardness of the binder presupposes, usually for polymers in aqueous dispersion, a higher film forming temperature. Consequently, in order to ensure the application of products formulated based on these dispersions, of polymers of high hardness even at lower temperatures, it is necessary to use film-related auxiliaries. FORTCRYL 6110 contains film-only aids, i.e. contains coalescing. In any case, in each formulation of paints or textures using FORTCRYL 6110 as a binder, one should seek the most appropriate filmogen aid, depending not only on the amount of binder of the latex paints, but also the temperature and relative humidity of the air where the paint will be applied. The amount of filmogen aid employed depends on the effectiveness of it, in the case of pigmented systems also of pigments and fillers. For latex and textured inks produced with FORTCRYL 6110, it is worth the empirical rule that the addition of filmogen auxiliary should be 8% to 10% on resin solids in relation to total revenue. In all formulations, however, it is advisable to check the minimum film formation temperature (TMFF) of the finished product, in order to be able to ensure their proper behavior in the application. It should also be considered, its influence on resistance to wet abrasion, viscosity, application, splash and leveling. For development of latex paints the basis of our products, necessary supports and suggestion of formulas, adaptation of local raw materials, and application and evaluation process, please consult our technical department.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic copolymer – styrenated in aqueous dispersion.

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