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  • Description

    FORTCRYL 4600 is an elastomeric resin used in the formulation of waterproofing membranes or liquid blankets as well as cover and façade elastomeric paint. Its technology is based on a mixed internal crosslinking system that allows for a light aging resistant film formation and minimal water absorption. Due to its molecular composition, the film can be considered flexible and elastomeric, and may be suitable for specifications that require a good balance between elasticity and tensile strength. Also, the resin has a low handle on the dry film of the pure emulsion, and the waterproofing formulated using the pure resin are without stickiness, thus avoiding the capture of dust (“dirt pick-up” effect). FORTCRYL 4600 has excellent compatibility with different types of thickening systems, such as cellulosic, HASE and ASE acrylics, as well as polyurethanes, recommended to maintain low absorption in waterproofing formulation. Consult about the FORTCRYL line of thickeners. To increase tensile strength, FORTCRYL 4600 can be mixed with binders with a higher glass transition temperature (Tg), such as Fortcryl 6045, and to increase elasticity can be mixed with binders with lower (Tg) such as Fortcryl 4000 or with plasticizer.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic copolymer – styrene in aqueous dispersion free of plasticizers.

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