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  • Description

    Fortcryl 3164 is a rheological modifier based on low to medium thickening acrylic polymers that provides a Newtonian aspect in paints. Providing excellent transfer of ink to substrate, reducing splash. In the formulations of acrylic latex paints where non-associative thickeners are used, such as C.M.C. (carboxymethyl-cellulose) or H.E.C. (hydroxy-ethyl cellulose), it is very common for application deficiencies such as excessive spatter, low transfer and “orange peel” or runoff anomalies to be found. Also in this case the ink can present separation of excess phases, what we call syneresis. Fortcryl 3164 completely modifies the rheological behavior of acrylic latex paints, in such a way that they have a pseudoplastic characteristic at low shear rate and Newtonian at high shear stress. The main advantages that are observed when using Fortcryl 3164 in the manufacture of acrylic latex paints are:

    • Low splash
    • Good leveling
    • Good transfer
    • Stability in the packaging
    • Good viscosity in “high-shear”
    • Practicality in the production of paints
  • Packaging

    Supplied in barrels and drums internally protected with polyethylene bags or containers.

  • Composition

    Nonyl-phenol-free acrylic thickener.

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