• Description

    Fortcryl 3120 is indicated for formulations of acrylic spackling, textured mass or spelling, where a very high final viscosity (at alkaline pH) is required, and a thixotropic rheology. Fortcryl 3120, when used in these formulations (mentioned above), makes these products present a prolonged “open time” and better extensibility while maintaining, by the thixotropic rheology obtained during application, especially in the case of textured masses and spellings. For Fortcryl 3120-based product development, necessary support and formula suggestions, as well as adaptations of local raw materials and evaluation processes, please contact our technical department.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Carboxylated acrylic copolymer in solvent-free aqueous dispersion.

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