• Description

    Fortblanc 4000 is a milky-looking aqueous dispersion, is especially recommended as an opalescent agent in detergent and disinfectant formulations, has good stability with anionic, cationic and non-ionic substrates and tensoactive agents. It also has excellent stability in sunlight. Electrolytes used in detergent and disinfectant formulations do not interfere with the stability of Fortblanc 4000. The degree of turbidity may vary according to the amount used of the Fortblanc 4000; however, we recommend 0.5 to 1.5% calculated on the volume to be cloudy. Unstable (unbalanced) the Fortblanc 4000 can (although its stability in various media) be adsorbed and dragged Unbalanced formulations may present precipitation problems. In a formulation originally by the precipitate formed. We also recommend that the Fortblanc 4000 be pre-dissolved with part of the water in the formulation and added as the final ingredient of the formulation, using in a good agitation for incorporation of the product. In alkaline media the Fortblanc 4000 does not present increased viscosity which facilitates its incorporation and stability in strongly alkaline detergents.

  • Packaging

    Supplied in internally protected barrels and drums with polyethylene bag or containers.

  • Composition

    Acrylic copolymer in aqueous dispersion free of plasticizers and solvents.

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